Good Gluing

Hints on 2-compound glue

Hints on 2 components adhesive

To get the best glue results please read the following instructions:

1. Make sure the temperature of the working space and the material is not to cold. Also make sure the humidity of the air is not too high. The room should be dust free.

2. Degrease shock mounts and plywood or fibre glass proper with pure Acetone (not nail paint remover). Don’t use any other than Acetone, no alcohol, no thinner, no silicone remover…

3. It is good to warm up both materials (Shock Mounts and plywood or fibre glass) a view degrees warmer than normal (hair dryer). But please note: the glue will harden faster!

4. Always store the glue cartridge with the tip upside! So all small bubbles can go to the tip and will go out at first. This is important to garantie same amount come out on both sides, to have the correct mix ratio!

5. When pressing out the adhesive do not use the first 1-2cm to have the correct mix ratio!

6. Mix the glue very proper! If not, the glue did not harden!

7. Watch the open time of the glue! If the adhesive has an open time of only 5 minutes, hurry up, you can lose the bonding force after this time.

8. Do not apply too much pressure on the material. If you do too much pressure on the material, the glue will get pressed out on the sides. There MUST be a layer of the thickness of a postcard or a little bit more (but no air bubbles)!
Usual it is enough to use a spring clamp, just to keep the shock mounts in place.

9. Give the adhesive enough time to react, usual 24h, but better 48h before you remount the chair.

Eames Fibre Glass Chair Shock Mount Replacement Instruction Tutorial

How to Restore an Eames Lounge Chair with broken Arm Rest Shock Mounts

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