Replacement Part Reproduction

Out of Stock? No Problem....

You are looking for a spare part for a long time, but you didn’t find a source?

We will find or reproduce what you need, as long as there are some other with the same needs. Please note, we will not reproduce copyrighted items!
1. You send a suggest of what you need
2. We publish your suggest on this page and we await further interested customers
3. If we found enough interested customer, we look for a source or a producer and calculate a price.
4. We send an offer to all on the list, and if they agree we will start the production. May be we charge a small deposit.

The form is for suggestions only, please send all other requests to Please write English or German.


The bar chart shows how far the process has progressed to the suggestions below. 100% means the product is available now.

Tilting Bushing for Eames Office Base
Lock for Action Office #1 roller shutter
Chair Leg Extension for 310X Arne Jacobsen Fritz Hansen Chairs
Wood Finish for vintage furniture as e.g. Eames Lounge Chair
Bakelit Bulb Holder with Dome Hole for Cable
Casters for vintage Fritz Hansen 3117 + 3217 Office Chair
Leather Door Handles for vintage Florence Knoll Sideboard

Wood Finish for vintage Furniture

Most surface of vintage furniture has a soft, warm gloss. If it is necessary to make it new, and you use modern varnish for restoration, the furniture loses its vintage character, it looks like plastic.
We researched and asked specialised restorer and developed with a varnish company a matching varnish, based like the original on linseed oil.
It is not as easy to handle like modern varnish, but give back the vintage style.

Lock for Action Office #1 Roller Shutter

Many desks have lost the lock, or it is worn. We asked our metal workshop if it is possible to reproduce the lock, and they agreed.
Estimated price for the lock is 100.- -120.-Euro

Chair leg extension for 3103, 3107 Arne Jacobsen Fritz Hansen chairs.

As some vintage 310X Hansen chairs are a little bit too low, there have been several leg extension to make the chair higher. These extensions are out of sale, but it is possible to reproduce them.

Tilting Bushing for Eames Office Base and early Aluminium Group Bases

As some vintage 310X Hansen chairs are a little bit too low, there have been several leg extension to make the chair higher. These extensions are out of sale, but it is possible to reproduce them.

Searching for a part? Please send email to Please write German (prefered) or English.
For a reproduction suggestion please use form below.

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