Support for your Projects

We will gladly give you all the advice and support you require on your projects

Design Restoration Project Support

We will gladly give you all the advice and support you require on your projects. From 20 years trading vintage design we have some experience with restoration.
So if you need some help with your project do not hesitate to ask us. If we can, we gladly will help! (Following the provided advice is at your own responsibility!)
We are sorry, but for legal reasons we can not offer any support for electrical problems. Please ask an professional electrician!
Sometimes we have massive overload of support requests, and it may happen that we forget to reply to one. Our apologies for in advance for that!
If you don’t get reply within 48h (at working days), please do not hesitate to send your request again!

Please send your questions by email in German or English! If necessary please send some pictures to help to explain.
Please do not ask for support by phone!

We also run a facebook group with many nice, helpful members.

Online-Shop for Replacement Parts for your Design Classic

We are always interested in information to share with our customer. So if you have useful information regarding material used for interior design, or if you know a spare parts source, or a manufacturer for a part we don’t stock, please share it with us. If the submission meets our requirements, and we add the part you suggested to our shop, we’ll gladly reward you for your time and effort.

As you may have noticed we made our shop new.
Unfortunately we could not transfer the customer data to the new database, so you need to register again.
Please accept our apologies!
If you are a vintage design dealer or a restorer and you have a valid sales tax ident. number, please go to
IMPORTANT for all new Accounts
After creating your new account you will receive an email to activate your account. German law requires to click on the link to confirm the account. Otherwise the account will automatically be deleted after a while.
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