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Louis Poulsen Replacement Parts

Louis Poulsen Replacement Parts

The danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen is founded in 1874. We stock many Louis Poulsen Replacement Parts.
Louis Poulsen Lighting is represented around the world. Some of Louis Poulsen’s best designers are Arne Jacobsen and Poul Henningsen. Their signature products are the PH-Lamps, designed by Poul Henningsen. In 1924 Designer Poul Henningsen begins working with Louis Poulsen.
In 1926 Louis Poulsen and Poul Henningsen are awarded a contract to provide lighting for the newly constructed Forum building in Copenhagen using the now-legendary PH lamp with three shades. Louis Poulsen starts marketing light fittings, and its first lighting catalogue is published with descriptions in Danish, German, English and French. In 1941, at the time of World War II, Louis Poulsen & Co. A/S acquires the Laurits Henriksen metal goods factory in Copenhagen and becomes a manufacturer of lighting fittings.

We have all replacement parts for Louis Poulsen lightning. If you are missing any part we will get it within 7 days.

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